Amway Global Hurricane Sandy Relief Supplies Long Island

November 11, 2013 at 10:51 am


Joann Galletta Hahn

“Jesus did not let him, but said, ‘Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” — Mark 5:19

October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the North East Coast. It was a life changing experience for many people. There has not been one person on Long Island untouched in some way by the experience.

The morning after the storm, my block and all around my neighborhood, 40 foot plus trees lay along the streets, on lawns, across pools, along downed wires and on top of people’s houses. However, my family, our homes and businesses were largely untouched by the devastation. Although we were without electricity for 12 days, during that time, my children and I were able to stay at my parents’ home, just a few miles away, and we had all we needed. We were blessed, and we thank God.

Two weeks later, I found that my neighbor, a Suffolk Girl Scouts Leader, had been using her front porch, like so many others across Long Island, as a drop off point for people to donate anything they could to Long Islanders who were in need because of the devastation. Clothing, food, toys, cleaning supplies, furniture, personal items – you name it – was donated, and Long Island Cares distributed it all to those in need.

Hundreds of homes had been destroyed, many swept away and many were damaged by floods and mold. After a while, I personally could only do so much and began to run out of things to donate. It wasn’t enough. I was frustrated. I wanted to help more. I wanted to make a bigger impact!

Having been an IBO for over 12 years, I knew how fantastic our products were and I reached out to Amway for a donation. Each person I spoke with knew exactly what was happening and exactly who to put me in touch with. Each showing great love, concern and leadership to get the help needed, the response was awesome! I asked if Amway would be willing to help by donating a case of Pursue Disinfectants. Within a few days I received not only a yes, but a “jaw dropping, didn’t see that coming” blessing!

Through God’s good graces, and Amway’s compassionate generosity, we received 12 pallets of cleaning supplies, valued at over $72,000, and shipped them to Long Island Cares for distribution across Long Island. In addition, Long Island Cares gave me, and several other volunteers, the privilege of being part of a scheduled donation event in February 2013. It was the best connection with people and our products that I’ve ever been a part of. Long Island is my home. Amway is my business partner. The rest is history.

All thanks to God, my children, Amway, Long Island Cares/Harry Chapin Food and Supplies Bank, Girl Scouts Leadership of Suffolk County, the Catch and Release Cat Ladies and all the men and women who came from other states, ministries and outreach programs to volunteer their time and strength to help us all get our lives back on track again. Amazing teams of People!

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